‘Game of Thrones’ Stumbles Out of the Gate as Season Premiere Is Dogged by Digital Problems

Jul 17, 2017  •  Post A Comment

In what has become an unpleasant tradition for HBO, another season of the hit fantasy series “Game of Thrones” got off to a bumpy start on the network’s digital platforms.

“Twitter saw elevated levels of grousing from fans all over the globe, who logged on to the HBO  website Sunday night only to find it had been knocked offline, but resurrected later in the evening,” Variety reports. “There were also complaints about HBO’s streaming service, HBO Go, though those emanated primarily from the Latin American region that isn’t operated by the U.S. operation.”

The report cites a rep for HBO who confirmed problems in the Latin American region but said no significant issues were encountered by HBO’s domestic streaming services.

“The presumed surge in demand for HBO’s reigning hit series has led to similar problems in recent years,” Variety notes. “The company then publicly pinned blame on ‘excessive volume’ drummed up by the big premiere.”


  1. I realize “digital” is part of the equation. But how did the series opener do with people who watched it “traditionally” on their 60-inch big screen TV’s to really get up close to that dragon, or to really see how “pretty” Jon Snow is ???

  2. Terribly unfortunate that so many people have never heard of televisions. I gotta tell you, those TVs are really pretty nice now. They even receive broadcasts in color. Can you imagine that? Color! And the pictures are really, really big, so that you can actually see what’s going on! Even the sound is amazing on these TVs! I hope this news will eventually reach people who want to see actual TV shows!

  3. Such snark! Just a friendly reminder that you can *stream* to your *TV* via a connected device–and the problems would still be there. Surely you’ve heard of Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast or one of the dozens of smart TV manufacturers.

    I’ll leave the posters above to resume trying to get Game of Thrones to come through on the bunny ears. It’s a clear night so you may get the Dumont Network. Or UPN.

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