Kathy Griffin Interrogated by Secret Service

Jul 5, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Kathy Griffin was reportedly grilled for more than an hour by the U.S. Secret Service in connection with that stunt about a month ago involving a mockup of the bloody severed head of Donald Trump.

Vulture.com reports that according to political reporter Yashar Ali, the federal agency interviewed Griffin in person, and the investigation into Griffin remains open.

“For context, it’s been more than a month since Griffin’s lawyers confirmed that an investigation had been opened and that they intended to fully cooperate,” Vulture notes.

Griffin referenced the investigation in a tweet about a week ago.

“Responding to a Think Progress article arguing that TMZ had become the media’s ‘most potent’ pro-Trump outlet, the comedian hinted last week at rising tensions around the Secret Service’s inquiry,” Vulture reports.

You can see Griffin’s tweet below …


  1. Kathy can try to make herself a martyr, but the Secret Service is required by law to investigate any incidents that appear to be a threat to the president. She may think it is a joke, but they still have to do their job.

  2. With all of the millions of “Trump Haters”, they will no doubt be busier than ever …

  3. Liberals LOVE their free speech (unless they disagree with someone). And they LOVE their free expression (unless it portrays the murder of a sitting President, which Cleric pointed out, the Secret Service is compelled to investigate). Kathy may TRY to paint herself a victim, but everybody can see she’s far from it.

  4. Is the Secret Service investigating Donnie Trump for threatening CNN with his tweet?
    Fair is fair!

  5. I don’t know if there were any investigations during the eight years of mock pictures of Obama hanging from a tree, but I am really wondering how it took an hour for them to hear her say she thought it was funny.

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