TV Documentary Revisits a Notorious Killing Spree

Jul 24, 2017  •  Post A Comment

An upcoming television documentary will examine a killing spree that captured the attention of the nation 40 years ago. “The Lost Tapes: Son of Sam” revisits the New York-area murders of the mid-1970s that spread fear in part because of the seemingly arbitrary nature of the killings..

The program premieres on Smithsonian Channel this Sunday, July 30.

TVWeek Open Mic blogger Hillary Atkin talked with Tom Jennings, the doc’s producer. Click here to read her full report.


  1. Bad actors look to take advantage of “soft targets”, innocent people with no way to resist. Every mass murderer and serial killer has this in common. They are cowards looking to safety by choosing “fish in a barrel”. Today, unlike in the 70s most states have changed the equation by licensing ordinary citizens to carry concealed hand guns. This has driven crime down in the states where they issue licenses and offer reciprocity with the vast majority of other states. The few states that do not allow their citizens this constitutional right include New York (about 1,000 shootings in 2016), New Jersey(300+), California(1300+) and Illinois(with 4330+ in Chicago alone!). Time and time again we see that the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. If you are tired of being a soft target, let your politicians know. Bad actors know to choose Organ, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Mane, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Maryland. Washington DC is also on the list (135 homicides in 2016 and 150 so far in 2017). If any one of “Son of Sam’s” victims shot back – the total of victims might have been less. But knowing that intended victims and/or whiteness had the means to resist might have prevented the killings in the first place. If you choose to be a soft target – you will be!

  2. Let’s look at percentage of total state population. Just numbers are meaningless if it is a state with a high population.

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