TV Sitcom to Bleep Trump’s Name

Jul 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The creators of a hit comedy series say that when the show returns for its upcoming season, the use of Donald Trump’s name will be off limits.

The AP reports that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the creators of Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” said today that Trump’s name will be bleeped each time it’s used on the show – a step that is more commonly used for expletives.

“Glazer told TV critics that talking constantly about Trump and his administration have made the sound of his name, as she put it, ‘so gross,'” the AP reports. “She said she and Jacobson decided Trump has enough air time and they didn’t want to share theirs with him.”

The series, which focuses on the freewheeling lives of two New York women played by Glazer and Jacobson, returns for its fourth season on Comedy Central on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Click here to see a detailed release about season four of the show.


  1. When you thought the haters couldn’t possibly be more immature…

  2. Why didn’t they just edit Trump references out of the script? They’ve been watching too much Harry Potter (Voldemort).

  3. I’ve never heard of this comedy series, so I guess this makes it a “Hit.” I wonder if some people will look back at how they acted during the Trump Presidency and ruefully say, “well, I’ve grown up a lot since then.”

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