CNN Severs Ties With Well-Known Commentator

Aug 10, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CNN has severed ties with a conservative commentator who has been a familiar presence on the news channel. The AP reports that the channel confirmed Thursday it has cut ties with Jeffrey Lord.

The move comes after Lord targeted a critic with a tweet featuring a Nazi salute. The report quotes a CNN spokesperson saying: “Nazi salutes are indefensible.”

“The statement came hours after Lord tweeted the Nazi slogan ‘Sieg Heil!’ at the head of a liberal advocacy group, Media Matters for America,” the AP reports.

Lord, a former member of the Reagan White House staff, was retained by CNN in August 2015 and has been an outspoken Trump supporter.

“He had repeatedly clashed with Media Matters president Angelo Carusone, whose group condemned CNN for employing him as a commentator,” the AP reports. “Following a harsh exchange of tweets with Carusone earlier this week, Lord posted an article for The American Spectator on Thursday morning, calling Carusone’s group the ‘Media Matters Fascists’ and casting them as ‘anti-free speech bigots who, in typical fascist style, make it their mission to shut down speech they don’t like.'”

Lord responded to news of his firing by CNN with a concise “LOL!” tweet, which you can see below.


  1. CNN made a deal with the devil and THIS is the final straw?

  2. Should have happened long before now. Disgusting person.

  3. We fought a war against people like him. Literally, the whole world was involved. Why do we tolerate it now?

  4. The war was against the people that only wanted their own opinions and laws! The war was against National Socialists who wanted to control the media, the police, politicians and military. The war was against those that wanted to silence people and have them removed from positions that gave them public access. I taught Holocaust Studies to high school students for 11 years. Media Matters deserved the solute!

  5. Reality Check shoots…AND HE SCORES !! My opinion is that CNN brass didn’t like how he didn’t toe the line and frequently exposed the lack of intellect and the over the top emotion (like the Latina and Jeffrey Toobin to name a couple) of CNN “panelists.” Media Matters are indeed modern day fascists. CNN brass was just looking for an excuse to move on from Lord. Remember when Fox News fired Bob Beckel?? Bob was a constant embarrassment to Fox and the other hosts of “The Five.” He was a constant embarrassment to liberals. The only difference here is that Lord embarrassed CNN’s panel participants.

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