Fox News Pulled From the U.K.

Aug 29, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Fox News is no longer available in the U.K., having been pulled from the Sky satellite platform, Variety reports.

The decision by parent company 21st Century Fox to pull the feed of the U.S. news channel was a financial one, according to the company. In a statement, Fox said: “21CF has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the U.K. Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.  We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.”

Variety notes, however: “There is no doubt that the decision was influenced by the pending U.K. regulatory review of Fox’s $15 billion takeover of Sky. … Fox News has been a source of ammunition for critics of Fox’s takeover of Sky, who point to the channel’s strong conservative opinion programming as evidence of bias.”


  1. Obviously free speech is not something that is endorsed in UK. How much of this is due to the heavy coverage that Fox gave the Charlie Gard Story which was putting the National Health Care Services under the gun as the gov’t refused to let the family take the child to America for surgery? If that child had come to the US and been able to be helped it would have exposed the methods used by the Gov’t to determine who does and doesn’t get health services and how the priorities are managed. These priorities are the main issue that hinders acceptance of single payer health care

    • What a complete load of garbage. FOX is pulling the feed, not the UK government so it has nothing to do with restricting “free speech” or health care. BTW – most people in the US are actually FOR single payer health care as opposed to the gift the Obama Administration gave to health insurance companies by making the PURCHASE of coverage compulsory. Also, anybody has the option of refusing care and seeking it elsewhere, which is why a couple of countries have become “medical tourist” destinations. I’m not going to wade into the Charlie Gard story again because none of the people screaming about it gave a sh*t about that kid. They, like you, just want to use it as some kind of point for your own political views. Same thing happened with Terry Schiavo and every single person who used either (or both) of them just to get media attention should burn in Hell.

  2. AkaKJB – Thank you for your kind comments. Name calling is the best way to discuss differences in opinion

    • No moron

  3. Guilty Cleric, discussion is a good thing however I believe AkaKJB reply was to highlight how misconstrued your take on this story is.
    Mainly this story is about 21CF choosing to pull the feed allegedly due to low viewership. Ratings are at the heart of any networks existence, I’m assuming you would be aware of this considering you’re reading a broadcast trade periodical, again this is just an assumption and I apologize if that is not the case.
    Discussion is always best when those engaging try to stick to facts or at least to what’s relevant. Your comments simply bore no relevance to the story.
    It’s troubling when people read a story and then simply respond without thinking about the actual topic and the tone of their response is a knee jerk reaction which veers off on a tangent and has little or nothing to do with the story.
    So the response (while I agree name calling isn’t the best way to communicate) it certainly does communicate their frustration at your misguided response.
    Clearly you are unfamiliar with the topic of this story and with the items you chose to implicate in your response. It’s clear you have zero knowledge of the UK government, the specifics of the CG case, the national health care system in the UK or even the specifics of your own US healthcare system. If you did you wouldn’t have responded in such a way. It’s important to be able to delineate what is being discussed before jumping in with a response, I think you’ll find (some) people are more tolerant and will listen to a well formed point of view rather than an uneducated opinion being presented as fact. Do a little homework on the things you called out and learn the specifics and then you might understand how you incurred the ire of AkaKJB. At best you’ll be able to make an informed opinion if the topic is ever raised again.
    There are so many people who just spout nonsense, it’s hard to take them seriously or not be annoyed because it impedes healthy discussion. To be taken seriously and not mocked or be met with derision it’s important to follow the subject of discussion and pay attention otherwise if one chooses not to, one shouldn’t be surprised at a less than pleasant response from others.

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