Whoopi Goldberg to Return to ‘The View’

Aug 4, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg is coming up on her 10th anniversary on ABC’s “The View,” and Variety reports that she has just signed to return for the show’s 21st season, launching in September.

“Her contract renewal is an important one for ABC, as Goldberg has been the glue that’s kept ‘The View’ together since creator Barbara Walters retired in 2014,” Variety reports, adding: “By focusing on political stories under Trump’s presidency, ratings for ‘The View’ this season are at its highest in three years. The show averaged 2.6 million viewers last week, beating ‘The Talk,’ which tends to veer away from politics in favor of pop culture.”

Goldberg has spent more time on the program than almost any other co-host, behind only Walters and Joy Behar, Variety notes.


  1. Good. Love her.

  2. Guinan!

  3. how much vacation time are they going to take – it would have been nice to know that they were taking
    another TWO weeks!
    Love the show, miss the LIVE show. My only criticism: Jedidiah looks like all she
    needs is a stripper pole when she prances out. Someone must have mentioned it because she now only
    shakes it up when the camera is off – playing to the live audience. I call her Captain Obvious because
    her comments are like DUR…they insult our intelligence. Also, show is best with only 4 people, but I
    love Sunny, Whoopi, Sara and most of all JOY BEHAR!!!

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