CBS Releases Initial Numbers for ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ Projects Huge Delayed Viewing

Sep 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CBS rolled out the eagerly awaited premiere of its new “Star Trek” series Sunday on the broadcast network, ahead of the show’s exclusive run on the CBS All Access streaming service. The network announced today that 9.6 million viewers watched the Sunday broadcast of “Star Trek: Discovery,” which aired from 8:48-9:53 p.m.

“CBS Research projects ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to increase to more than 15 million viewers with 7-day delayed viewing, and an additional 5%-10% with live+35-day viewing,” CBS noted.

“The premiere of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ drove CBS All Access to its highest subscriber sign-up day, week and month ever,” the network added, also noting that “Star Trek: Discovery” was the No. 1 most social non-sports broadcast event and OTT series airing Sunday, according to Nielsen Social.


  1. Saw the first episode. Won’t be tuning to watch the rest… or I should say I won’t be paying to watch the rest. If CBS changes their minds about airing it on OTA channels, I’ll probably tune in.

    But I’m not paying them to do so.

    Besides… the Orville is better Star Trek.

  2. I set my DVR to record it. Unfortunately, the football runover delayed programming by 40 minutes. From what I saw of the first 20 minutes, I thought it interesting. But not so interesting to pay the CBS toll.

  3. I love the show, except for the new look of the Klingons. I hated the fact episode one ended with a cliff-hanger that I will have to pay to see resolved. I already pay for Hulu, Netflix and cable… why should I add on another streaming service? Paying more ech month to see 2 exclusive CBS shows is not for me. It would have been better if CBS had cut a deal with Netflix or Hulu

  4. Too bad they’ll never get those numbers again for their show. I did watch it, and I thought it was good enough to watch again next week on CBS. Oh, wait! It’s not on CBS and I have to pay to see it online?

    Sorry, No.

  5. Set my DVR to record the program but since the program did not start on time and as noted by someone else, the entire last 20 mins. plus, meaning the episode ending, is gone so I have not watched it yet. I was hoping I would be able to purchase each digital episode online on either Vudu or Apple but that seems like a no go, as well.

    So, I may need to purchase 2 or 3 months of CBS All Access, if I really want to watch it.

  6. I DVR’d it and knowing the Sunday schedule is crazy, I set more time at the end, so I have the entire episode, but the more I think about it, why watch it if I’m not going to be able to see the rest of the episodes. As stated by someone else, I pay for Dish Network, Hulu, Netflix and I am an Amazon Prime Subscriber. CBS needs to make an arrangement with one of the main streaming services or this will go down in flames. Everyone always talked about the Good Wife. Has anyone ever heard anyone talk about the spinoff that’s on CBS All Access. I can’t even remember the name of it. Don’t kill Star Trek like that.

  7. I missed it completely because of the football game runover. However, since I have no plans to pay extra for yet another streaming app that I will never watch, I doubt that I would have watched anyway despite the fact that I am a Star Trek fan from way back.

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