Creator of Hit Broadcast Drama Says He’s ‘as Scared as a 9-Year-Old Child’ Whenever He Shoots a Scene

Sep 26, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The award-winning producer and director behind one of the most successful shows on television in recent seasons says that despite his success he remains fearful each time he shoots a new scene.

The AP quotes Lee Daniels, whose drama series “Empire” has been a singular success story for Fox, saying: “Right before I yell ‘action’ in whatever I’m doing, I am as scared as a 9-year-old child. All of my past has given me the courage and confidence on whatever I’m going to do next, because I have to challenge myself. But I’m still scared.”

Daniels has overcome that fear sufficiently to thrive both on the small screen and in feature films, including being nominated for an Oscar for directing Best Picture nominee “Precious,” released in 2009. His other big-screen successes have included “The Butler” and “Monster’s Ball.”

On the small screen he followed “Empire,” which debuted in 2015, with “Star” the following year. Both shows have their season premieres Wednesday night on Fox — season four for “Empire” and season two for “Star.”

“The two music dramas will combine their story lines in their two-hour separate episode season premiere with some characters from each show appearing in the other,” the AP notes, adding: “Daniels said he originally felt nervous after Fox executives approached him with the idea of doing the crossover of the shows, which both delve into the drama-filled environment of the music industry.”

Said Daniels: “With that 9 o’clock time slot, I feel like all eyes are on me. In Hollywood, they build you up to tear you down. So, it’s a little terrifying. But I think without risk, without throwing the dice up against the wall … You have to go (for it). Otherwise, what’s the point of life?”

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