ESPN’s Talking Heads Destroy an NBA Star

Sep 19, 2017  •  Post A Comment

This morning on the ESPN sports chat show “First Take,” the show’s regular commentators Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman brought aboard reinforcements in the form of Will Cain, who led a full-on bash session aimed at NBA star Kyrie Irving.

The segment focused on an appearance Monday on the show by the all-star point guard, who recently joined the Boston Celtics after requesting a trade from the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. During the Irving appearance, the player repeatedly evaded questions from Smith and Kellerman, and appeared to be somewhat aggressive toward Kellerman in particular.

While Cain took the lead on this morning’s Kyrie bashing — even as he professed, “I’m not here to slam Kyrie” — Kellerman also landed his shots at Irving.

Here’s the clip …

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  1. These guys are ridiculous. Irving is no different than any other player that wants to leave any other team. LeBron left, Ray Allen left, Kevin Garnett left, and there are numerous other players who left their teams. This guy is claiming Irving knows what “second banana” means. How does he know if Irving knows this or not.. I didn’t know what it meant, and besides that, it sounds a little racist to me. This guy has no business talking like he did. I am sure if he wanted a better job or opportunity he would do the same thing. Leave Irving alone, he really doesn’t have to answer any of the questions he is asked anyway. Nobody cares if these reporters are happy with his answers!!

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