Sports Talk Digs Into Trump vs. the NFL

Sep 28, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump’s recent beef with the NFL — including his latest tweet saying the NFL’s business is “going to hell” — fueled the discussion on this morning’s installment of “First Take” on ESPN, where mainstays Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman offered their own takes on Trump’s preoccupation with pro football.

Here’s the clip, posted by ESPN …


  1. Sports used to be the place to relax and get away from all the political nonsense. Now you can’t even do that. I am not a Trump acolyte, but there is a limit to anyone’s tolerance for the continual lecturing and complaining. I stopped watching ESPN and now the NFL. If you wonder why everyone is turning to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. One reason is it is one of the only places to get away from the constant sniping.

  2. ESPN has just announced they are changing the name of this show from “First Take” to “Predictable Take.”

    Next week, “Predictable Take” will tackle the need for the Cleveland Indians to forfeit all 23 games they won in row, because Trump likes their HATS” !!! This sorry episode just goes to prove that ESPN has lost touch with sports fans across America and why people are cutting the cord in record numbers. If people could buy cable “a la carte” I wonder how many would dump ESPN…

  3. If you could buy cable “a la carte” many people would dump ESPN since it is $7 to $10 of their cable bill and ESPN would go belly up.

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