Wait a Minute — Was the Wheel Rigged? History Is Made on ‘The Price Is Right’

Sep 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The venerable TV game show “The Price Is Right,” hosted by Drew Carey, announced that it made history on today’s broadcast with a record-breaking showcase showdown in which a total of $80,000 was awarded — the most money ever given out on the Wheel.

“In honor of Drew Carey’s 10th anniversary hosting, contestants who spun $1 on the Wheel received a $10,000 bonus instead of the usual $1,000,” the show announced in a promotional blurb posted along with the clip. “If they spun another $1, they received an additional $25,000. Today, after an amazing five $1 spins on the Wheel, a total of $80,000 was awarded.”

Roll the video …


  1. It was rigged for ratings.

  2. Yes it was rigged, The wheel slowed down in a way that I’ve never seen it slow down before. There needs to be a Congressional investigation (lol). But it was fun to see those three contestants win more money.

  3. Yes the big wheel is riged

  4. I knew for a while,he stands in the same place and leans forward to be newtrul, leans back to slow down, watch all episodes Bob and Drew stands in the same place, wish I could be on the show. I’m a nobody. But I wish Wayne Watson from Greenacres,FL. 5613257194. Be on show,

  5. Of course the game is rigged……from the selection of contestants to Drew pulling the so called prize cost out of his pocket, which by the way no one sees, to the wheel then the final give away….it’s obvious.

  6. I believe that after seeing people behind other games waving their hands etc.,that there is probably a person applying a braking mechanism to the wheels axel.

    • It is likely that a computerized braking-system is employed in the wheel’s mechanism, to give certain contestants a better chance at hitting 90 or 95. That happens too often to be coincidental. Where there is a will there is a way!

  7. On yesterday’s show, during the Big Wheel spin, after a contestant’s first spin, she moved over to stand at Drew’s right. While the wheel was still spinning, Drew asked her to move/stand on his left. Granted I am a card-carrying Doubting Thomas, but THAT REALLY was quite suspicious to me! I’ve NEVER seen THAT happen before!!!!! No matter who was hosting!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I dont believe its rigged because half of the people .that wins cant afford the taxes to pay to get there winnings anyway out of California. The taxes are extremely high in Cali and people arent prepared for that and then comes the paying of getting back to there home state with the prizes.

  9. That show was definitely rigged. I think it was disgraceful because now I don’t believe it is a game of chance.

  10. Look up quiz show scandal for why The Price is Right wouldn’t do this. Come on people.

  11. The wheel is rigged, it actually is not very hard to do.

  12. I believe that the wheel is rigged because if a contestant does not win their game, they are usually the one who goes to the showcase. I have watched the Price is Right for a long time. What happened today is that all three contestants got $.95 cents on the wheel, two of them in two spins. The probability of that happening is very low. The wheel is rigged.

  13. Having watched this show for years and years, I am more convinced than ever it has become a rigged show! It is painfully obvious that the show has entered the race game and that blacks are favored in many of the shows. It’s not even subtle. It’s sickening that such a thing as race perpetrated by the liberal media has to be a part of enjoyment of a typical game show~

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