Attorney Lisa Bloom’s Defense of Harvey Weinstein Is Both Maddening and Hypocritical

Oct 6, 2017  •  Post A Comment

On Thursday The New York Times published a bombshell piece titled “Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein.”

One of Weinstein’s defenders is Lisa Bloom, a lawyer and the daughter of famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

To read why TVWeek Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross is outraged that Bloom, who previously represented women who have allegedly been sexually harassed, is now representing Weinstein, please click here.


  1. First of all, does anyone really cares what Chuck Ross thinks? Other than his immediate family. Second, I guess that Ross doesn’t believe the American Justice system’s basic premise is “Innocent until proven guilty.” If he had been around at the time of Christ or the Salem “witches”, he would have been in the front of the mob calling for their deaths. Good ole Rush to Judgement Chuck Ross. He hasn’t changed. Personally, I’d rather all the facts to be known before convicting someone. If he’s guilty, then punish him appropriately. But we have too many “Rush to Judgements” in our media about any little thing that upsets them. And when they retract their story, it’s always in a way that will get little publicity.

  2. As we continue to hear about free speech, doesn’t that also include freedom of an attorney to represent anyone she wishes. It is ok for a man to represent Harvey, but not a woman? That seems a bit sexist. Representation by a lawyer doesn’t mean that the attorney agrees or endorses anything that the client believes or may have done. If a male represented Harvey would you assume that lawyer endorses anything that was done? This position that no woman can represent a man who has been accused of sexual harassment is pure sexual discrimination. Hollywood continues to discriminate against women; and this type of nonsense, that only a man can represent someone accused of sexual harassment continues that same discrimination. Even if this representation is due to an effort to improve her career, would that be criticized if it was man? You don’t think that Lanny Davis is working to improve his career here? I don’t remember anyone criticizing all of the lawyers including, Lanny Davis, that represented Bill Clinton in his Impeachment. This blog would never have been written if this lawyer was a man.

  3. its not well known that Harvey’s stage name in a past life as a struggling actor was “Arun Titan” … which strange as it sounds, is also the scientific name of the famous stinky ‘corpse’ flower … so, a lawyer with the name, “Bloom” is an ideal match for our Arun Titan … or Corpse Flower … I hope that clarifies things …

  4. If he hires her, the people accusing him can’t.

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