Biden Speaks Out Strongly About Weinstein Scandal

Oct 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke out about the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal during an appearance Thursday at Rutgers University, saying Weinstein used his power in a “disgusting and immoral” way.

Biden expressed his hope that Weinstein will be further punished. “This man deserves more than losing his company,” he said.

He called on powerful men in Hollywood to speak up about sexual abuses, saying, “Silence is complicity.”

Here’s a clip of Biden’s comments, posted by the AP …


  1. “Silence is complicity”. No truer words ever spoken.

  2. Way to go Joe. Jump on the bandwagon. With your power when you were VP I’m sure you never spoke to anyone in Hollywood that ever said anything about suspected sexual misconduct from Weinstein. Or did you hear about suspected misconduct and just keep your mouth shut less you upset a big Democratic contributor.

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