‘CBS Evening News’ Names New Anchor

Oct 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CBS has named a new anchor for its flagship “CBS Evening News,” with the network today appointing Jeff Glor to the post, the AP reports.

Glor ascends to the role after Scott Pelley, who held down the job since 2011, got the boot earlier this year. The CBS broadcast has remained in third place in the evening news ratings behind NBC and ABC, leading to Pelley’s ouster in June.

Glor, 42, steps up to a job that has been held down by luminaries including Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. Anthony Mason, who has been filling in since Pelley’s exit, will remain as an evening news reporter along with his job as co-host of CBS’s Saturday morning news broadcast.

“Glor, from upstate New York, has been with CBS News for 10 years as a reporter and fill-in anchor on various broadcasts and CBS’ digital operation,” the AP notes.

Jeff Glor (CBS)


  1. Ummm, who watches the national news on traditional TV anymore? Before cable and the internet, to be the anchor of CBS, NBC or ABC nightly news used to be a BIG deal… nowadays, it’s non-important. NO ONE CARES. News is a 24 hour a day event… no longer a 30 minute once a night broadcast. Times have changed… Sorry, Jeff, enjoy the anchor position… but don’t give up that day job at Baby Gap just yet.

  2. I wish Mr. Mason had gotten the job instead and Mr.Glor had taken over the Saturday’s show. Mr. Glor is alright but I guess CBS wanted a younger anchor to compete with David Muir.

  3. The braintrust at CBS News has doomed itself to the Network News basement once again. Instead of choosing experienced, mature, classy Anthony Mason, who was bringing CBS News the depth and respect it needed, CBS will now front its nightly effort with David Muir look-a-like Jeffey Glor. CBS’s bosses just don’t get it. After a decade of losing with Katie Couric and MY WEEKLY READER anchor Scott Pelley, now they pick a guy who belongs at NEWSCENTER 96 in Zanesville. He has little serious reporting experience (no, fronting stories from disasters like a human microphone stand is NOT experience), and his anchor credibility is nill. Jeez, even Van Sauter would have made a better pick than this college-tv station broadcaster. But, hey, this is GREAT NEWS for ABC and especially NBC, where Lester Holt continues to show why an experienced, worldly, thoughtful, anchor-reporter is what you want at the helm of your main broadcast.
    Oh, and to Mr Wonderful. Check the numbers, bub..Approximately 20-MILLION viewers still tune in to just the 3 traditional network broadcasts each night. Just total up the Weekly numbers. Network TV news ain’t dead by a long shot and..it still makes lots of money.

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