Fired Fox News Correspondent Lashes Out

Oct 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

John Huddy, who was fired Monday from his Fox News Channel job, isn’t going quietly. As we reported Tuesday, Huddy, who was a foreign correspondent for the network, was fired hours after his sister, Juliet Huddy, discussed her sexual harassment claims against Bill O’Reilly in a TV interview.

FNC said the firing stemmed from a “physical altercation.” But Huddy said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there was no physical altercation.

“The ‘altercation’ that Fox News referred to in dismissing Huddy occurred at an airport in Barcelona on Oct. 12,” THR reports. “Huddy said that a freelance photographer pushed a cart full of equipment into him, and that the two of them subsequently ‘had words,’ but that no blows were exchanged. Huddy said he already had bad blood with the photographer and with a producer in the bureau because they had, months earlier, badmouthed the women who had accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment — including his sister, Juliet Huddy — in front of him. (He said he complained to his bureau chief about the comments.)”

Commenting on his firing, John Huddy said: “This is disgusting what they’re doing. It’s just awful. For what? Because I got in an argument with somebody?” THR also quotes him saying: “I’m not trying to play the victim or be a martyr. As journalists, it’s our job to expose injustice, and this is brutal.”

The father of John and Juliet Huddy is John Huddy Sr., who was a consultant with Fox News and was close with Roger Ailes. John Huddy Sr. was fired immediately after Ailes left the network, according to his son.

“They hurt my sister, they hurt my father, and now they’re trying to hurt me,” Huddy told THR.


  1. Fired from Faux News? They did you a favor, buddy.

  2. Yes I agree with you that FOXNews has crossed the line in decision to fire John Hardy. I was a loyal viewer of FOXNews but will not watch them again. I am waiting for the rest of the employees to rise up against this injustice. I have lost all respect for FOXNews and it’s employees.

  3. To me, it sounds like retaliation from FOX. That his sister spoke out, that he needs to be removed from the equation. It is probably a blessing buddy. Lachlan Murdoch is now the mouth-piece for FOX and claims that he was “unaware” of the 32 + million dollar amount that Bill O’Reilly paid out the month before he was signed to his most exclusive deal ever.

    Here is the rub. Mr. O’Reilly is guilty as sin. Have you noticed how controlled his answers are and how he never accepts responsibility instead blaming God and his alleged(?) victims?

    Since he nor Mr. Weinstein will probably ever see a jail cell, the only way to truly punish these individuals is to hurt them in their collective wallets. No more press. No more attention. No more high-paying gigs.

    Now I am waiting for all of the men who have been molested by other men to come forward. There is probably more of this going on than with women considering how Hollywood is.

    What I do not understand is how people have not figured out that fame is never free. It is pro-se-quo. There is a “price” to be paid for everything as nothing is free in life.

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