Huge Airliner Has a Scary Landing — Caught on Video (Watch It Now)

Oct 6, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A pilot attempting to land the world’s largest airliner had his hands full as he approached the runway — and it didn’t get any better after the Emirates Airbus A380 touched down.

The giant plane was buffeted by strong crosswinds during its approach at the Dusseldorf airport in Germany following a flight from Dubai, causing it to get surprisingly squirrelly for a plane its size.

Plane spotter Martin Bogdan captured video of the big jet’s ordeal, which has been getting a lot of attention online. Check it out …


  1. I’ll bet there were a couple of brown stains on that Landing!

  2. I think the air traffic controller was to blame for this one, the landing should not have been authorized with the wind conditions. I think the pilot actually did a good job avoiding the destruction and deaths that could have happened.

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