Latest Time Magazine Cover Reflects Hollywood Scandal

Oct 12, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The cover of the new issue of Time magazine deals with the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding film mogul Harvey Weinstein, which has been spreading throughout Hollywood.

The cover, which you can see below, includes a photo of Weinstein along with the words “Producer, Predator, Pariah.”

The magazine includes an in-depth examination of the scandal under the headline “Harvey Weinstein and What Happens Next.” Meanwhile, the latest news on the Weinstein front includes word that New York Police investigators are taking a fresh look at sexual assault allegations against Weinstein, including encouraging anyone with pertinent information to come forward.

Here’s the Time cover …


  1. Funny how, now that he’s been kicked to the curb by his company, the media is more than happy to pile on with the criticism. What hypocrites! Where was this “courage” for all the years that everyone in Hollywood knew this was happening?

  2. Where was courage of the Board of Directors who encouraged him to continue sexually harassing women by giving him permission in his contract to continue harassing as long as he picked up the costs?

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