Lawsuit Against Fox Goes Forward

Oct 16, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A court ruled today that a lawsuit against the Fox Network can go ahead after Fox sought to have the suit dismissed. The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq., reports that the case stems from the network’s use of an Illinois youth detention center in 2015 during filming of the hit drama series “Empire.”

“Several minors, through their legal guardians, are suing over the ‘Empire’ filming at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, contending that their due process rights were denied when they were ordered into ‘pod’ areas and forced to sit there for days,” THR reports. “During this time, the kids’ sick requests were allegedly ignored and their family visits were eliminated. These children couldn’t attend school and didn’t have access to the recreation yard, the library, the infirmary and the chapel.”

Earlier this year, U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve expressed doubts about parts of the claim directed at Fox, while allowing the case to proceed against Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans and Superintendent Leonard Dixon.

“Now, however, after the complaint was amended and Fox took another shot at dismissal, the judge has decided to permit two claims against Fox to move forward as well,” THR reports, adding: “The judge says the lawsuit sufficiently alleges that Fox ‘colluded’ with Cook County officials by deliberately encouraging them to improperly place the youth prison on lockdown.”


  1. Good God. Let me guess their race… Just remember this people, when employers never want to hire you because of your “rights,” please accept responsibility. “Racism” is now another word for “MANIPULATION.”

    • Maybe you misunderstood the story. These are not kids who were hired for a job and complained about conditions. These are incarcerated children, and FOX came in and put the place on lockdown so they could film a TV show, and as a result the kids were mistreated, neglected, and denied visits from their family. What does any of this have to do with race? I guess you are just implying that they are obviously black, because who else would be in a youth detention facility, and who else would complain about being mistreated, right? And YOU ARE NOT RACIST, RIGHT???

  2. First, this shouldn’t be a race issue at all, not sure where that comes in.
    Second, i f the Guardians wanted to institute change in policy to protect the minos, then wouldn’t they sue the State/Facility? They are not in the care of FOX, they are in the care of a COOK COUNTY DETENTION CENTER

    FOX is being sued because they have assets, and the state of ILLINOIS is broke. The parents of these minors should be advocating for their kids rights…however the children do forfeit rights and priveleges if they have broken the law, which I would imagine is the reason they are in a Detention Facility, correct?

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