Trump Calls for Senate Investigation of ‘Fake News Networks’

Oct 5, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump urged lawmakers in Washington, D.C., today to launch an investigation of the news media. Trump sent out a tweet this morning in which he wrote: “Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”

The tweet echoed past complaints by Trump about what he considers “fake news,” without singling out a specific news story or media outlet.

“Trump’s ‘fake news’ complaints have been a staple of his political rhetoric, a label he often applied to stories that feature negative reporting about him or his presidency,” Politico reports. “Most recently, Trump has railed against reports that have characterized his administration’s hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico as inadequate, as well as against an NBC News report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the president a ‘moron’ over the summer and nearly resigned.”

Politico adds: “Another frequent ‘fake news’ target for Trump has been the multiple ongoing investigations into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, one of which is being conducted by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The president often refers to those investigations collectively as a ‘hoax’ or a ‘witch hunt.’”

Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.), the chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, commented on the Russia probe during a press conference Wednesday, noting that they have conducted hundreds of hours of interviews but adding that the case remains in the investigatory phase.

Politico adds: “The question of whether or not either Trump’s or Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign colluded with the Russian government remains open, they said, adding that the Kremlin’s election meddling efforts are ongoing around the world.”


  1. Its a dig at alternative media hype.
    Makes him look bad.

  2. Or, in other words, if he doesn’t like it, it’s fake news. Hm. Worked for Goebbels….

  3. Hmmmm, wonder why the Politico story doesn’t mention the comment made by Rep. Burr. Paraphrasing here: “There will be several news outlets who are going to look very bad when the facts of this investigation come out.” That sounds like a lot of media outlets HAVE been disseminating “Fake News.” Wonder who they will turn out to be???

  4. Interpol and the United Nations are currently investigating the fake presidency of the United States ….
    a shocking development with early findings shows that Herr Donald Trump is actually a direct descendant of Adolf Hitler … the driving force behind the new Fourth Reich movement hitting America –

  5. Bob, there you go dog whistling again. You know this happens when you get off your meds and don’t go to your tri-weekly “Trump Won?” sessions with your therapist.

  6. I actually overdosed on a case of Trumpola … the Cola from the Big “A-Hola”

  7. Then the Senate will only be able to investigate Fox news.

  8. Right on Pete….

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