Agent Fired Amid Sexual Assault Suit

Nov 17, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CAA has fired an agent one day after a lawsuit was filed alleging that he sexually assaulted actress Demi Mann, Variety reports. The publication reports that the agency fired film agent Cameron Mitchell, whose clients include Will Packer, Common, Terrence Howard and Gabrielle Union.

The story reports that Mann claims in her lawsuit that “Mitchell discovered her in a Coffee Bean and made multiple false promises, among them that he would secure her a role in an upcoming Marvel television project, to manipulate her into a sexual relationship. In her suit, Mann claimed that Mitchell sexually assaulted her several times over a period of six months, and that CAA’s human resources department ignored her complaints about him.”

In a statement released today, CAA said: “When Ms. Mann reached out to CAA in October, we immediately launched a fair, impartial and thorough investigation. We spoke with Ms. Mann multiple times, suspended Mr. Mitchell pending the completion of the investigation, and, based upon the information we could gather, took other appropriate action.”

Mitchell is denying the allegations. The report quotes a statement from a spokesperson for Mitchell that says in part: “CAA agent Cameron Mitchell emphatically denies any wrongdoing in regards to accusations filed in a civil suit by aspiring actress Demi Mann, who had been under consideration for representation, as is a common practice, but has never been a client of CAA. In fact, Mitchell is adamant that the allegations are not only false, but egregious.”


  1. So, she was okay with it just as long as she got the part? Is this what I am reading? When is this going to stop? Both the harrassment and coming forward years after the fact?

    • Yes she would have been OK with it. He and she created a verbal agreement that if she had sex with him she would get the part. She did not. She performed her part of the agreement. He did not. Therefore he breached his part of the agreement. So he in addition to the sexual assault she could sue him for breach of agreement.

      Blame him. Not her. She did her part. He did not.

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