Cable News Host Clocked Doing 119 mph in a 65 Zone

Nov 21, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A TV host whose show is a staple of the Fox News Channel apparently has a bit of a lead foot. USA Today reports that Jeanine Pirro, who hosts “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” was ticketed Sunday in upstate New York after allegedly being clocked doing 119 in a 65 zone.

Pirro, a former district attorney, was pulled over in the town of Nichols, apparently on her way to Elmira, where she grew up.

“Pirro got on the line when a reporter called a relative’s home in Elmira on Monday afternoon, but she hung up when asked about the ticket,” the story reports.

Fox later issued a statement on her behalf, with Pirro saying: “I had been driving for hours to visit my ailing 89-year-old mom and didn’t realize how fast I was driving. I believe in the rule of law and I will pay the consequences.”


  1. El Trumpo and his Friends at Fox play by their own rules ….
    – Either she is full of BS or she is oblivious … both dangerous issues

  2. Before people judge her, just think if that were your ailing 89yr. old mother that you were trying to get to. I would venture to guess, she didnt set out to go as fast as she did, but I can see how worry can set in & your mind can go to other places from time to tim, not realizing how fast you’re truly going.

    • I might buy that if she were doing 85mph in a 65mph zone but 119mph? I don’t care what you’re driving, there’s no way you’re going to mistake that speed for ANY speed limit outside of the Autobahn.

  3. Having been on the Autobahn in Germany, I can attest that there is not a lot of difference in the feel of 80 mph & 100 mph. If there was not a lot of traffic, you could easily hit a high speed and not realize it. It happen to me the first time I drove in Atlanta. I had never driving in a city before, I was by myself and this was pre-GPS so I was really worried about getting lost. I was diving along when I looked down & realized I was doing 95! I had no idea. So it can happen.

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