Casting Director Quits Guild Amid Investigation

Nov 3, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A casting director suddenly resigned from the Casting Society of America after the guild reportedly notified him that his membership was under review. Deadline cites a knowledgeable source saying Billy DaMota was under scrutiny for controversial remarks and tweets about women.

The report says DaMota resigned Wednesday before the CSA had a chance to expel him.

“A CSA member since 1992, DaMota, best known for his 20 years of casting re-creation scenes for ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ has been one of the leaders of the effort to get the Los Angeles City Attorney to crack down on his fellow casting directors who allegedly charge actors for auditioning at casting workshops,” Deadline reports. “Twenty-five defendants — including 18 casting directors — have been charged, and five have entered either no contest or guilty pleas, although they all proclaim their innocence.”

The report adds: “On August 22, DaMota tweeted a link to a nude scene of actress Louise Linton — the wife of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — from her 2016 film ‘Intruder,’ with the snarky comment: ‘Um … NSFW … she’s wet and naked.’” (NSFW means “Not Safe For Work” – Internet slang to mark links that contain nudity, sexuality or profanity.)


  1. He has harassed my friend and stolen money from her to “coach” him once he got his degree.
    He made himself out to be the biggest casting director . He claimed he quit csa and was not fired . He is a predator and everyone should be aware these are not false claims. Justice shall prevail.

  2. He is the most sexist, pervert, predator I ever met at a bar. He tried to hit on me in front of my husband. He preys on women. Don’t ever trust this man.

  3. It is quite saddening to see this but by far no surprise. In fact I considered him a friend until I read all these allegations.
    One thing to realize is that no one would accuse this man multiple times from different sources (valid sources ) unless it happened and is true. These aren’t females trying to get back at him for “closing up casting paid workshops “ however it seems one of the ladies paid him to coach her son and the coaching never happened . He specifically asked for a certain type of payment as well.
    As a gift card . Having not known better; she proceeded to make payments toward what I read and believe to be coaching lessons upon graduating his senior year. Apparently she was recommended to him however after the incident with Louise Linton ; who would recommend him for anything? This goes to show you what people can become.

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