Classic TV Sitcom Gets Colorized

Nov 9, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A new one-hour special airing next month will feature two newly colorized episodes of “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” CBS announced that “The Dick Van Dyke Show — Now in Living Color!” will air Friday, Dec. 22

The episodes to be featured are “My Blonde-Haired Brunette” and “October Eve.” The two episodes were picked by the show’s creator Carl Reiner to showcase the comedic talents of Mary Tyler Moore.

“I picked two of the funniest episodes we did, and I remember them fondly because they both showcased our wonderful Mary. I treasure her memory,” said Reiner.

Please click here for additional details in the CBS announcement.


  1. I hate this; you would have thought they would have learned from past colorization efforts.

    Truly sad.

  2. I harbor mixed feelings. If two colorized episodes will introduce this CBS-TV sitcom to a younger demographic, and give older viewers another chance to see it, I am reluctant okay with it. We are not talking about the absolute
    sacrilege of colorizing the 1941 film CITIZEN KANE nor the opening and closing in Kansas of 1939’s THE WIZARD OF OZ remake film. And the colorizing process has greatly improved in the past three decades.

  3. I wonder if NBC will sue for the “In Living Color” label?

  4. I saw the colorization and so did Carl Reiner who was dead set against it but once he saw it. He said it was like stepping onto the set.

  5. I loved that show. It was one of the funniest ever made. Even the supporting cast were hilarious. I’m all up for tradition, but if what Mr. O’Flahavan says, it’s like stepping on the set, I won’t care if it’s in color. I’ll be too busy laughing.

  6. Anyone who objects to the B&w shows being colorized, can always turn the color setting on their TV all the way down to zero, while watching the colorized episodes.

  7. The real issue with the sitcom being presented in this manner is that for people who aren’t familiar with the show and its characters, lots of the humor doesn’t connect because it is part of the continuing story. I have done this with black and white Honeymooners and I Love Lucy, and my kids thought parts were funny, but much of the time was spent explaining why Lucy and Ethel did some things that I found hilarious, but they needed an explanation. It is a similar issue with Will and Grace right now. My kids watch it but miss some of the humor that is part of the character having been built over time.

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