Hannity at Center of Firestorm: Advertisers Cut Ties, Social Media Erupts and People Smash Coffee Machines

Nov 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Fox News fixture Sean Hannity is in the middle of a firestorm in which at least five companies said over the weekend that they’re pulling their ads from his show, CNBC reports. In response, fans of Hannity are threatening boycotts against the companies while others are coming out in support of the advertisers’ moves.

“Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to Fox host Sean Hannity’s coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore,” CNBC reports. “Last week, [The Washington Post] published an article suggesting Moore had romantic or sexual relationships with four teenage girls when he was in his 30s, allegations which the candidate has vigorously denied. In the wake of the Post report, Hannity asked his viewers to give Moore the benefit of the doubt.”

The advertisers’ moves were followed by an outcry on social media against the advertisers by Hannity’s fans, including prompting a #BoycottKeurig movement on Twitter.

While many on social media expressed support for Keurig and the other companies, video of people destroying their Keurig coffeemakers has also begun to surface. Here’s a clip posted today by Time …


  1. In defense of Hannity… I think his point is “innocent until proven guilty”. Sheesh…

    • Unless, of course, you’re Clinton, Obama, or anyone else who doesn’t toe the Trump line.

      • You are correct. Clinton, Obama, or anyone else who doesn’t toe the Trump line are innocent EVEN IF PROVEN GUILTY. Thank goodness we Democrats control the news.

  2. the guy is a hack …

  3. It worked for the advertisers to boycott O’Reilly because there was enough corroborating evidence and they were boycotting the perpetrator. In this case the advertisers were attacking a commentator for views expressed. If every advertiser boycotted programs just because they don’t agree with the comments expressed by the host, they will lose half of their consumers, since this country is split down the middle.

  4. I agree with Guilty Cleric on this one. People boycotted O’Reilly because of what he did. Hannity is just doing what commentators do, expressing his opinion.

  5. It used to be in this country that if you were accused you were innocent until proven guilty. Now the media is the judge and jury. Wake up people, this cannot continue. I have all sympathy for any abused person, but to go 40 years without saying anything and then suddenly they come out of the woodwork? Come on, something is very wrong here people. Everyone involved in this, including Moore should have to take a preliminary lie detector test before anything else happens. It is very likely that none of these accusations can be proven, but that really doesn’t matter does it? The people now behind this could care less about whether he is innocent or guilty or his alleged “victims”, it is now simply a tool to get a democrat elected. I have never seen such corruption in my lifetime.

  6. This actually will turn out to be a big win for Keurig. After people are done smashing their coffee makers and then realize that they can’t make their terrible coffee, they will quietly head back to the stores and buy a new one.

  7. Tim you are wise.

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