Olivia Newton-John’s Former Boyfriend, Presumed Dead for 12 Years, Reportedly Turns Up Alive

Nov 8, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The former boyfriend of singer Olivia Newton-John, who went missing 12 years ago and was presumed dead, has reportedly turned up alive and well in Mexico.

AOL reports that Patrick McDermott turned up in Sayulita, a small town in Mexico. The report cites a story by the Australian paper New Idea that claims McDermott faked his own death 12 years ago.

McDermott, a cameraman working out of Los Angeles, reportedly vanished at sea during a fishing trip off the coast of California. Some soon began speculating that he had pulled off the disappearance as a way to avoid mounting debts.

“The 2005 disappearance has long haunted Olivia, who once tellingly revealed it had been ‘very hard’ and ‘human to wonder’ about what really happened to Patrick,” New Idea reports. “Now it appears the legendary Aussie performer can breathe a sigh of relief with this latest development and finally move on from the mystery that has no doubt played in the back of her mind for years.”

A team of U.S.-based investigators reportedly tracked McDermott down and obtained “proof of life” photos of him.

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  1. Hello? He was found alive in Mexico over a decade ago. This is literally non news. We all knew he faked his death back then.

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