Radio Host Goes Off on Baseball Star Roy Halladay One Day After His Death — With Some Unkind Words for Dale Earnhardt, Too

Nov 9, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A radio host shocked some of his listeners with a tirade targeting former big league pitcher Roy Halladay one day after the baseball star died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico.

Autoweek reports that the rant by Boston sports radio talk host Michael Felger also included unflattering words for seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, who died after crashing into the wall on the final lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001.

Felger’s main point can be summed up as suggesting that people who flirt with death deserve what they get.

“Was it Dale Earnhardt who died? The race car driver who died? I root for the wall. I really do. That ain’t no tragedy … I’m supposed to feel bad for you? Give me a break. Oh God,” Felger is quoted saying.

Turning to Halladay, 40, who died Tuesday while piloting a small plane off the coast of Florida, Felger reportedly said Halladay “got what he deserved.”

“It just sorta angers me,” Felger is quoted saying on the air. “You care that little about your life? Or the life of your family? Your little joyride is that important to you?”

Felger also is quoted saying: “Whee! Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody. I’m gonna tweet it! Splat. You’re dead. Two kids. Moron. I find that offensive, that you are that cavalier about life.”


  1. this guy sounds like a real winner … I feel sorry for the people that have to work with this classless
    radio blowhard …

  2. What a loving, caring person Michael Felger sounds like. When someone is killed by a stolen car going 100 miles per hour, does he root for the car? If someone is dying of cancer, I can imagine him chanting, “Go Cancer Go. Kill that sucker cause he must have done something wrong to get attacked by cancer”. This poor man needs help.

  3. What a clueless asshole! You live life to LIVE! Those around you love, support and appreciate you for it.

    Dumb shit.

  4. He will be unceremoniously fired in the coming week or so.

  5. This guy has to be terminated from any type of radio television or any kind of public speaking again…..Myself and many others liked both Roy Halladay and Dale Earnhardt for what they did for their sport they were involved in…..Both great men at the top of their game on and off the field. Thats why we as fans loved them so much and they loved us back with their great accomplishments……Have never heard of this dip shit lowlife radio talk host… He needs to go….His boss and the city of Boston ought to run him out of town……This dip shit is so disrespectful…..I hope the families have not heard about this but Im sure they have…..Hope he is proud of himself and made his own family so proud of him……The People he works with too ought to be feelin real good…..Hope they disown you…Hope your career is over and you know what you can do with your lame fake apology…..

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