Roy Moore Church Event Interrupted by Protester, Comedian

Nov 30, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“Embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was interrupted by a protester — and by a comedian posing as a supporter — Wednesday evening as he spoke during a church service in southern Alabama,” CNN reports.

The incident took place as Moore spoke from the pulpit of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Ala., with part of it captured on a video published by AL.com. You can watch the video below.

During the appearance, Moore “referenced reports of sexual misconduct brought against him,” CNN notes. “He said his family felt terrible about the allegations. ‘It hurts them to think and see what I’ve been charged with,’ he said.”

The report adds: “Moore said he believes his prosecution of drug cases when he was a district attorney angered certain people, and that this is at ‘the heart of this conspiracy’ against him.”

At that point Moore was interrupted by a protester who yelled: “Are all the girls lying?”

“As the protester was escorted out, a comedian known for crashing news events stood up and ironically defended Moore,” CNN reports.

The comedian, identified as Tony Barbieri, can be heard on the video saying of Moore, “That’s a man’s man,” and commenting: “Does that look like the face of someone who hits on teenage girls?”

AL.com notes that Barbieri is known for targeting Donald Trump’s election rallies last year. At Wednesday’s event, he wore a T-shirt with the words “Gimme Moore,” and was ultimately escorted out.

Here’s the clip posted by AL.com …

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