Tragic End for TV Actor Who Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Building

Nov 3, 2017  •  Post A Comment

An actor who had a TV career going back to “Roseanne” in 1995 and became best known for his role on the teen mystery series “Veronica Mars” was found dead early Wednesday after committing suicide.

Brad Bufanda, who also had a string of guest roles on shows including “Days of Our Lives,” ‘Malcolm in the Middle,” “CSI: Miami” and “Boston Public,” reportedly was killed when he jumped off his residential tower in the Park La Brea apartment community in Los Angeles. He was 34.

In addition to his TV work, Bufanda was known for his self-produced Internet videos.

TMZ cites a law enforcement source saying Bufanda’s body was found by a transient on the sidewalk at about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

“Bufanda left a suicide note that was found on or near his body which gave the names of his parents along with a ‘thank you’ to people in his life,” TMZ reports.

The TMZ report adds: “Bufanda’s manager, Kirsten Solem, tells us his suicide comes as a complete shock … Solem says the actor didn’t struggle with substance abuse and never showed any outward signs of an emotional struggle.”

Bufanda had a recurring role as Felix Toombs on “Veronica Mars.”

Here’s Bufanda’s demo reel, posted on YouTube …


  1. Did he have dirt on the Clintons? My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones….

  2. Terribly sad, prayers for his soul and for his family. May he now be in Gods warm, lovimg brace. The pain someone must feel when they decide to take their own life is overwhelming and all they want is out. They think this will end their misery, but our body is not our home, earth is not out home. We must know we are eternal spirits and this body is the suit our spirits are encompassed within to walk this earth, just like one would wear a space suit to walk in space. Therefore just because we cause our body to stop breathing doesnt mean we stop exsisting. Death is scary because we dont know whats next. Since death is scary we know that someone has ti be in such horrible turmoil, mind numbing pain that they just want – need out. May God forgive him, Jesus walked this earth just like we do therefore he knows all about the pain we feel, he died so we can be forgiven. When someone dies, whether its suicide or natural causes it touched everyone esp when its suicide. If anyone is feeling suicidal reach out for help, hold on for a little longer. You will be surprised by the lives you can touch, the people that need you. Suicide hurts everyone, they will think “if only I had called” “if onlyI would have went by” ect. Pray, cry, reach out, u can get thru this. God put everyone here for a reason, He will take u home when its your time. God Bless

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