Al Franken Expected to Resign From Senate

Dec 6, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota will announce on Thursday that he is stepping down from his Senate seat, Minnesota Public Radio’s MPR News reports, citing a Democratic official who has spoken with Franken.

Earlier today Franken said in a tweet that he will make an announcement tomorrow, but he did not specify what he would be announcing. You can see his tweet below.

The news comes as Franken’s Democratic colleagues have been increasingly calling for his resignation amid allegations of sexual misbehavior.

After MPR reported that Franken was preparing to resign, Franken’s official Twitter account denied that it’s a done deal, tweeting: “No final decision has been made and the senator is still talking with his family.”

The New York Times reported that support for Franken had “all but collapsed” today among his Democratic Senate colleagues after a sixth woman said he had made an improper advance on her.

The report quotes Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York saying this evening: “Senator Franken should resign. I consider Senator Franken a dear friend and greatly respect his accomplishments, but he has a higher obligation to his constituents and the Senate, and he should step down immediately.”

The Times notes: “If Mr. Franken resigns, the state’s Democratic governor, Mark Dayton, could choose his successor from a list of prominent female Democrats, including Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and Attorney General Lori Swanson.”


  1. that’s really great … Trump and the Republicans are embracing Roy Moore, the Super Pervert,
    and the Democrats are shoving out the door one of their best … who has actually apologized …
    when “Mr. Moore Sex” denies everything …

  2. Didn’t Al say something about kicking POTUS out of office ASAP?

  3. Bye Bye Al – Don’t let the door hit you on your pompous hypocritical rear!

  4. Good !! Minnesota could always have done better than lecherous old Frankenstein.

  5. Brings to mind the maxim – Be careful what you wish for; you may receive it. The Dems have gone full bore after Roy Moore and now they have lost two congressmen. The same with the Russian collusion issue as more things come out that are not favorable to the Dems. Before the Republicans start celebrating the resignations, they may want to check the list of congressmen that are on the list of cases settled with taxpayer dollars and see how many Republicans are on the list. That list is going to become public and when it does the Republican’s may find that they have the congressional majority again. Both parties need to spend less time on personal attacks and get focused on the real issues and representing their constituents.

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