Netflix Exec Fired Over Rape Comment

Dec 14, 2017  •  Post A Comment

An executive for Netflix was fired after making a comment to a woman on the sidelines at a children’s soccer match earlier this month in Los Angeles. The New York Times reports that Netflix confirmed that the executive, Andy Yeatman, no longer works for the company.

Yeatman, who was director of global children’s content for Netflix, reportedly told the woman that people at the company did not believe rape allegations against actor Danny Masterson, who was starring in the series “The Ranch.”

The Times reports that Yeatman “did not know that the woman he was speaking to was one of several who had come forward to accuse Mr. Masterson of rape, HuffPost reported. Shortly after she revealed this, the conversation came to an abrupt end.”

“Four women have alleged that Mr. Masterson sexually assaulted them,” the report adds. “A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department said it was investigating the claims, and Netflix said last week that it had fired Mr. Masterson from ‘The Ranch,’ a comedy series also starring Ashton Kutcher.”

Masterson has denied the allegations, calling them “outrageous.”


  1. BIG F*CKING DEAL … the guy has an opinion at an offsite activity away from their office location and gets fired … its unfortunate and bad timing that the woman is part of that big issue … however, its getting to the point that we are all losing freedom of speech and having our own opinions …

    • When did Netflix become the government?

  2. It seems now that men just need to shut up and be assholes and not have conversation with women at all. Is this the world we are becoming! Holy s__t!!!!!

    • And just when Donald Trump was about to make America great again. Oh, fooey!

  3. If this story is correct, Mr. Yeatman did not touch the woman inappropriately or in any way say anything sexually oriented TO the woman. He just expressed his opinion about her claim. If these are the correct facts about this situation, I hope for their sakes that no male, or female, comments about any aspect of any alleged sexual misconduct. Not only are people being fired based on allegations, but now people are being fired for expressing their opinions about allegations. That is frightening. George Orwell would be proud.

  4. I’m totally appalled by this entire situation we have surrounding us now. I’m going to use the old cliche “I fought for, and nearly died for this country, so that people could have free speech”. The one thing that keeps me going in life now (I’m 69), after nearly being killed in combat, was the fact that, theoretically, people can say things and not be fired for it. You’re not supposed to be put in jail, or chastised on television and on news sites, and worst of all, the internet!. The other thing that really bothers me is being found guilty buy a bunch of news media people and all these slogs on the internet, that hide behind computer screens. Guilty until proven innocent, it’s the new justice system in the United States of America. It really does make me sick to my stomach. Semper Fi

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