Hollywood Up in Arms Over Report That Mark Wahlberg Was Paid 1,500 Times as Much as Michelle Williams for ‘All the Money in the World’ Reshoots

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A report that Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshoots on “All the Money in the World” after Kevin Spacey was pulled from the movie, while Michelle Williams received only an $80 per diem, brought a torrent of outrage throughout Hollywood.

USA Today sparked the outcry with an exclusive story saying Williams’ total compensation for the reshoots was less than $1,000, meaning Wahlberg received more than 1,500 times as much. The report published Tuesday night cites three sources who are familiar with the situation.

“Ridley Scott’s Getty kidnapping drama was hastily reshot the week of Thanksgiving after a cascade of sexual misconduct allegations were made public against Kevin Spacey, who previously starred in the drama as billionaire J. Paul Getty,” the story reports. “Scott transfixed the film world by quickly assembling his actors over the holiday break in Europe, reshooting Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer — and still making his Christmas release window.”

The report notes that the reshoot cost $10 million, which was put up by producer Imperative Entertainment. Scott said in December that “everyone did it for nothing.”

Williams received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in the movie, as did Spacey replacement Plummer, along with the director, Scott.

People reports that celebrities have been flooding social media with gripes about the pay disparity. “Busy Phillips, Jessica Chastain, Judd Apatow, and more have come out in support of Williams,” People reports.

Phillips, a longtime friend of Williams, wrote in a tweet: “UNACCEPTABLE. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO SAY THE LEAST.”

Chastain also took to Twitter, writing: “I heard for the reshoot she got $80 a day compared to his MILLIONS. Would anyone like to clarify? I really hope that with everything coming to light, she was paid fairly. She’s a brilliant actress and is wonderful in the film.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was another actor who commented, saying he was “furious” about the wage gap. Amber Tamblyn called the disparity “totally unacceptable.”

Here’s Apatow’s tweet on the topic …

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