‘Judge Judy’ Being Taken to Court

Jan 23, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The wildly profitable court series “Judge Judy” is headed to court, with the sale of rights to the show’s library sparking a lawsuit against Big Ticket Television, CBS and Judge Judy Sheindlin, The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq., reports.

Kaye Switzer and the Sandi Spreckman Trust are suing, alleging that they should have received at least $4.75 million when Sheindlin sold the series library back to the network last year, the story reports.

“Switzer and Spreckman approached Sheindlin in the mid-90s and pitched the then-family court judge the idea of taking her career to television,” THR reports. “The producers left the series shortly after the ink was dry on the deal, and Spreckman died in 2009. According to a complaint filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, they were each promised compensation for the life of the series even if they weren’t contracted to continue producing it.”


  1. Good luck with that! Judge Judy is one intelligent woman!!

  2. Good luck judge judy, you’re amazing love watching you everyday!!!!! I think you’re so smart and love your spunk!!! One of a kind.

  3. I like judge Judy but I feel that sometimes she over steps her boundaries well goes a little overboard calling them stupid ,dumb ,morons ,idiots r ugly I feel people should not be called ugly names.I DONT FEEL THAT SHOULD BE SAID TO ANYONE .JUST MY OPINION.

  4. I’m with Fred, I like watching judge judy, but I too think that name calling is wrong.
    (Almost like a bully) No one likes to be bullied

  5. Judge Judy is a bully

  6. Judge Judy is the worst example of justice. She is schoolyard justice where might makes right and she is a bully. She is not intelligent but she is clever and thinks she’s all knowing. I feel sorry for anyone that chooses to watch.

  7. but ya’ll watch her don’t you???

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