Nicole Eggert Details Allegations Against Scott Baio About Underage Sex When They Were on ‘Charles in Charge’

Jan 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Actress Nicole Eggert and actor Scott Baio have been telling different versions of what went on between them when they were on “Charles in Charge,” and Eggert appeared this morning on “Megyn Kelly Today” to offer an update on her recollection of events.

While both Baio and Eggert admit they had sex at some point, Eggert insists she was underage at the time while Baio has asserted that Eggert was at least 18 years old and has said her allegations are “provably wrong.”

Here’s a clip from this morning’s show posted by NBC in which Eggert provides the latest allegations in the ongoing dispute between the two actors …


  1. In a 2013 radio interview, Eggert admitted that she was almost 18 when they had sex and it was because she wanted to “pop her cherry”. I am not really sure what Baio did that deserves the publicity he is getting. She admits that she had been flirting with him for almost two years and made the decision herself, that he was the chosen one; not her then current boyfriend. This is the kind of story that takes away from the credibility of the #metoo movement, by supporting the argument that many of these women are just trying to get publicity.

  2. Yeah guilty cleric is right, it’s a shame that people are digging up the past, bringing attention to things that aren’t even necessarily true, just to get in the spotlight.

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