Amy Schumer’s, Um, Rather Unusual Wedding Vows

Feb 27, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer, who married chef Chris Fischer in a secret ceremony on Feb. 13 in Malibu, talked about her non-traditional wedding vows on the Sirius XM show “You Up with Nikki Glaser.”

E! News quotes Schumer, 36, saying of her vows: “Mine sucked! I thought mine were good, I wrote mine in like, 20 minutes. I was crying when I wrote them, but his blew me out of the water so hard.”

Glaser then commented: “I remember a joke from yours. You go, ‘You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel loved, you make me food.'”

Then Schumer offered this bit of news: “In my vows I go, ‘But I promise I’ll keep going down on you, even though everyone tells me I won’t.’ And his were like, heckling me too. He was like, ‘The other day I lost a tennis match and you called me a f–king loser.’ It was all like, awful sh-t.”

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