Another Rough Ratings Night for the Olympics

Feb 20, 2018  •  Post A Comment

NBC continues to see ratings numbers for the Olympics that are well down from the numbers for the Sochi Games four years ago.

The AP reports that about 18.6 million viewers watched the Winter Games in prime time on Monday on either NBC, NBCSN or streaming.

“That’s down 21 percent from the 23.5 million viewers who saw the Olympics on the corresponding Monday night in Sochi four years ago,” the AP reports. “The 16.3 million who watched the NBC telecast Monday was down 31 percent from Sochi. NBC says the average prime-time viewership for Pyeongchang is 21.1 million, but no individual evening has topped the 20 million figure since last Tuesday.”


  1. Endlessly boring downhill crap, the nonsense called “slopeside,” and truly idiotic snowboarding and half-pipe twirling. It’s a wonder NBC has ANY viewers at all for this ridiculous snoozefest.

  2. I’ve actually enjoyed the ski events; for my money NBC has wasted too much time on figure skating.

  3. The Winter Olympics were just 4 years ago… too soon! Should wait every 10 or 20 years to unload this crap on a completely new generation of human beings who will sit and stare at their TVs wondering why they are watching it.

  4. This is what happens when there are no NHL players in the men’s hockey events. They eliminated their biggest event. If the NBA decided to forego basketball, I’m sure the summer games would suffer dramatically as well.

  5. The ratings may be down but 20 million viewers are still a huge amount of viewers. To me, the reason there are fewer viewers is because the story lines are not as compelling as in the past. Many of the U.S. athletes that were expected to be Gold Medalists didn’t win gold. I think people became disenchanted with watching failure. Norway has roughly twice as many medals as the U.S. Sadly, that fact tends to mitigate against the desire to watch.

  6. I wonder if the other networks are sorry that they didn’t counter-program the Olympics more aggressively.

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