Trouble Behind the Scenes at ‘Megyn Kelly Today’?

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A report published over the weekend describes what it calls a “toxic atmosphere” behind the scenes at NBC’s morning show “Megyn Kelly Today.”

“A high-ranking NBC veteran said that the show atmosphere is so tense that staffers frequently ‘cry’ on set,” The New York Post reports. “Kelly, 47, has tried to reposition herself as a warm, Oprah-like figure, dancing with ‘Today’ colleague Hoda Kotb on-air and peppering her show with cooking segments and weight-loss experts. But the tenacity and combativeness that made Kelly Fox’s prized anchor may spell her doom at NBC, where, sources say, she is viewed as unrelatable for morning viewership.”

The Post quotes its NBC source saying of Kelly: “She is hated inside the ‘Today’ show and is seen as tarnishing the brand, out of control and selfish.” The source noted that Kelly made a mistake by attacking Jane Fonda, considering that celebrity interviews are a mainstay of the “Today” show.

“NBC execs are said to be growing weary of Kelly’s drama, such as questioning Jane Fonda’s patriotism in a January monologue,” The Post reports.

The report adds that Kelly’s January Nielsen ratings in the key 25-54 demo were almost 30% below what they were last year for Tamron Hall and Al Roker’s show in the same time slot.


  1. As long as Megan Kelly is on the Today Show, I will not watch. What is wrong with NBC? First they let Anne Curry go, and then Tamron Hall. I refuse to watch Megan Kelly. Bring back the delightful Tamron Hall! Megan Kelly is only good for an occasional Fox News Rant! The soon er she leaves the show, the better!

  2. I don’t watch the show at all; I have better things to do. The leopard’s spots won’t change from Fox to NBC, so why bother. She’s just another talking head. There are too many of them now.

  3. Some High ranking NBC exec had a hardon for her. Wanted her for NBC. He should be fired! I saw this way ahead of time. The only reason she had decent ratings was because Of Trump when she was on Fox, Someone who has no clue about talent at NBC should be fired. What a colossal mistake!!!!! .

  4. Actually, her ratings were quite high on Fox well before Trump decided to run for President. She was the #2 rated show on Cable news in Primetime behind only Bill O’Reilly. She was good because she was a tough but skilled interviewer in the political realm. Then she started her feud with Trump and even though she got a HUGE contract with NBC, she’s a poor fit for that network and she’s a poor fit for what morning TV is supposed to be. She’s 180 degrees the opposite of Katie Couric. Couric was good in the fakey smile morning talk show environment of the Today Show (or any other network morning talk show) but a total flop in hard news and opinion. Kelly was pretty good in the hard news arena but she’s a total flop in a network morning talk show role.

  5. I was pretty loyal to NBC but now I look for other options. Don’t know what NBC was thinking with a 3 year contract for Megyn when they had to know they would be dealing with her attitude. The question now is how much longer will they tolerate the behavior and diminishing ratings. Down 30% in a few months should be a pretty strong indicator. Just hope there is not another sucker that will pick her up when NBC drops her.

  6. How did no one see this? A divided America and they hire the one person despised on both sides at the time. Fox News hosts really can’t do well elsewhere and it was obvious she wasn’t relatable. I’ll give you my executiv advice NBC. Cool her off in a 60 minutes style show and keep it night. Cut the contract or do a MTP style show with her.

  7. Whether Megyn Kelly has the right talent for NBC remains to be seen. For now, all we know is that she is woefully miscast. She’s a tough gal who asks tough questions, which means she belongs in some kind of hard-news setting such as a prime-time magazine or evening newscast. Morning TV is way too soft for her and her efforts to conform to that genre only make matters worse. NBC needs to put Kelly in a show that allows her to be more her true self. if it doesn’t work, at least everyone will know.

    • Well put! I definitely agree that she’s not in the correct setting. She’s painfully awkward to watch.

  8. Yeah she sucks. Tried to watch and it’s just bad. She comes across as a diva too. No thanks. Bad move NBC…better make a change cause it’s not getting better..

  9. Duh … Stevie Wonder saw this coming NBC>

  10. i used to watch every morning but will never watch anything she is ever on!

  11. All these comments are dead on. I’m a stay at home mom and absolutely loved the today show! It was the best there was! But now I’m pretty much wat hung channel 7. Tamyron is gone and now Megyn kelly. Her show is the worst. I thought it was just me but I think it’s the majority of viewers. She’s painfully awkward to watch. And all her topics are DEPRESSING. Literally all of them. Not a good morning show.

  12. I used to watch her on Fox but I liked Fox more than her. I hated her on Fox and now she is even more disliked. When she shows her real self, it is terrible. What did you see in her because the rest of us do not see it. YUK

  13. I used to watch her on Fox but I liked Fox more than her. I hated her on Fox and now she is even more disliked. When she shows her real self, it is terrible. What did you see in her because the rest of us do not see it. YUK

    I have never in my life put comments on anything like this.

  14. Worst show ever.

  15. my wife and I watch the today program every morning until megan kellys show at nine o’clock then we shut it off until ten am.which is when hoda and katie lee come on.She has her individuals that she preys on and continues to not letting up,after a while it gets boring.Why would anyone want to keep hearing it over and over again.BAD CHOICE FOR THAT HOUR!!!

  16. Oh who cares I love her people need to get over it cry me a river

  17. Personally I adore Ms Kelly. I suspect that most of her detractors are jealous that she is beautiful and also super intelligent, while at the same time also a conservative level headed woman.
    I can’t get enough of her.

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