What Would a Show Called ‘Deadly Intelligence’ Be About?

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The title describes what the new series is about, but we wouldn’t have guessed that “Deadly Intelligence,” which premieres Sunday, April 8, on Science Channel, is about the untimely and unusual deaths of brilliant scientists.

The series “explores the suspicious deaths of scientific geniuses to determine if their demises were unfortunate coincidences or if these gifted minds were murdered for knowing too much,” Science Channel explains in an announcement, adding: “What some experts have deemed cold or closed cases, others see as ongoing conspiracies based on bizarre circumstances, significant holes in investigations, and possible motives for murder.”

The channel announced plans for eight hour-long episodes.

“The premiere episode looks to uncover the death of Frank Olson, a CIA-employed biological warfare scientist, who died after falling out of the window of a New York City hotel in 1953,” the announcement notes. “The official story is that he jumped, but his family believes he was murdered. One of the theories explored is that Olson, who witnessed brutal interrogations using biological agents he helped develop, may have developed misgivings about his work, leading the CIA to eliminate one of their own.”

Caroline Perez, VP of development and production for Science Channel, commented: “It’s said that knowledge is power, but in these compelling stories, knowledge is also tightly intertwined with mystery, conspiracy and perhaps even murder. Innovative scientists have always run the risk of creating or discovering something so dangerous — or valuable — that others would kill for it.”

The announcement adds: “Other mysteries explored this season include Nikola Tesla, the father of the ‘Death Ray’ who was found dead in a New York hotel room at the height of WWII; engineer Gerald Bull, who was gunned down outside of his Brussels apartment after his research in cutting-edge artillery made him a target among powerful associates; Jack Parsons, the Jet Propulsion Lab co-founder who had powerful enemies and has been suspected of espionage, and was killed in a suspicious lab explosion … American researcher Shane Todd, who supposedly committed suicide in Singapore in 2012, but the work he was doing on a futuristic semi-conductor may have been what cost him his life; and more.”

“Deadly Intelligence” is produced for Science Channel by Beyond Productions. For Beyond Productions, Martyn Ives is executive producer and Nick Long is series producer. For Science Channel, Lindsey Foster Blumberg is supervising producer.

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