CNN Chief Rips Fox News

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CNN chief Jeff Zucker let his feelings be known about the Fox News Channel today, telling attendees at the Financial Times Future of News conference that Fox News has become a propaganda machine that is “doing an incredible disservice to the country,” the AP reports.

Zucker’s comments came two days after Fox military analyst Ralph Peters offered a similar assessment of Fox News as he explained his reasons for quitting the channel, as we reported previously.

The AP quotes Zucker saying today: “What has happened to that network in the last 18 months, especially the last year, is that it has just turned itself into state-run TV. TASS has nothing on them.”

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon spoke later at the same conference and countered Zucker’s comments, saying, “You can’t name a more propaganda outfit than CNN.”

Bannon added: “Every night it’s ’hate Trump,’” and questioned why nobody was fired at CNN after the 2016 election results took people by surprise, the AP notes..

would join its prime-time lineup.

Zucker said Fox has “a handful of good journalists but they get lost in the propaganda machine,” and added: “The idea that they are a news channel is really not accurate at all.”

The AP adds: “Zucker’s network has been on the receiving end of withering criticism from Trump during his presidency. He’s repeatedly referred to CNN as ‘fake news’ when he doesn’t like its coverage. Zucker said Trump’s criticisms are not going to stop CNN from doing its job of holding leaders accountable.

“But he said the Trump has created an atmosphere of hostility toward reporters that has spread from the U.S. across the world.”

Zucker is quoted saying of Trump: “He doesn’t even understand the danger he is creating for journalists and the danger he is creating for news organizations.”


  1. Trump is more dangerous than I expected. Guilty of being a gullible one. What now?

  2. Sadly, Zucker is pretty much on target in his assessment of Fox News. That said, he should perhaps take a closer look at what his own network (CNN) is doing in recent years — a few years back, I saw a clip of CNN from when it first launched (in 1980), and it was amazing how much more hard news content they had back then, as well as how they assumed an intelligent audience that actually wished to be informed. Today, there is way to much fluff and junk on their network.

  3. I love it when the pot calls the kettle black. Thank goodness CNN has so much fake news or they wouldn’t have anything to air.

  4. “News” used to be provided by networks as a “service” to the public. This means it was not paid for directly by advertising dollars. Networks spent their own money to fund their news operations and strove to be the highest rated (having the most viewers) than their network competitors. The network with the most eyeballs watching would naturally get the most advertising dollars because advertisers wanted their products seen by the most people possible. It’s still this way today…

    When “news” changed and became a business instead of a public service – CNN launching as it’s own business in June 1980, “news” became the thing that networks make their profits. A business can’t survive if it doesn’t make money and if the product you’re selling is “The News” well…the product better be better than “The News” your competitor is selling. (Funny, isn’t it, that unlike cars, that come in many different models, styles and colors, “news” is just one thing – truth – and yet we’ve bought into, we’ve accepted, and we’ve allowed news networks to take that singular “truth” and make it multi-model, multi-style and multi color.

    As with most things that humans create or do, “News” was quickly corrupted and News Networks “honesty” was bought by crafty people who then used the platforms to lead the mass into their own biased holding pens. The division they’ve made is so clear and so complete today.

    CNN was bought or sold out to the “left” and to mss liberals CNN’s “truth” IS the truth. Similarly, FOX News was bought or sold out to the “right” and most on the right see FOX’s “truth” as the gospel truth. Other “News” Networks fall in between but all of them have some political sway. Politicians know that if you own the mass you can control the mass and sell the whatever propaganda you want. Why do you think Mr. Obama is all of a sudden interest in “creating television programing” even though he has no experience in the field? He knows that based on his personal popularity a devoted section of the mass will tune in to watch and once he has them he can serve them cleverly crafted “stories” whose aim is not to inform but to shape the thoughts and ideas of the sheep who will lap his stories up like good hungry sheep.

    Sadly, there is NO one place where we can to to actually see and hear the real truth today and we badly need the real, unvarnished truth…but even if provided, we’ve been so well divided that we’d never accept the “truth.”

  5. I beg a thousand pardons for the type-o’s in the response I typed above. I’m just a young Moose and my hooves don’t hit the keys on the computer keyboard as well as human fingers do. As humans, endowed with a superior brain (and with some, a “superior” attitude) I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to figure out what the miss-typed words should be. “Mss” for example should have been “most.” You get the idea…

    I’m working on my typing though, and that’s the “truth.”

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