Conservative Columnist Says Success of ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is a Wakeup Call for Hollywood

Mar 29, 2018  •  Post A Comment

In an opinion piece running under the headline “‘Roseanne’ revival is a wakeup call for Hollywood,” conservative columnist John Podhoretz writes in The New York Post: “Hollywood is now faced with indisputable evidence that there’s a huge potential audience out there for programs that don’t actively insult 63 million Trump voters.”

“At the beginning of March, the Academy Awards featured performers talking about ‘intersectionality’ and Dreamers and jokes about how an Oscar-nominated movie about a gay awakening was made to annoy Mike Pence — and the show got the lowest ratings in history,” Podhoretz writes. “Tuesday night, the premiere episode of the revival of ‘Roseanne’ featured a working-class grandmother saying grace before dinner and concluding with thanks for ‘making America great again’ — and the show got the highest ratings of any network program in six years.”

“It might seem easy to dismiss the ‘Roseanne’ numbers as the result of audience nostalgia and excitement,” Podhoretz adds. “But consider this: The TV world was thrilled when the reboot of ‘Will and Grace’ was watched by 15 million people, especially since ‘Will and Grace’ is exactly the kind of woke urban show the TV world loves.

“But ‘Roseanne’ blew ‘Will and Grace’ away; its audience was 20 to 25 percent larger.”

Click on the link above to The Post to read the full column.

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