McDonald’s Incident Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage

Mar 2, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Video of an incident at a McDonald’s restaurant in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in which a homeless man was kicked out after a customer bought him food, has sparked outrage online after the clip went viral on a number of social media sites. The customer who bought the food was also kicked out.

USA Today reports that the five-minute video was shot by Yossi Gallo, who posted the clip on Facebook. The incident escalated after Gallo complained loudly to the officer who was attempting to get the homeless man to leave.

Here’s the clip …


  1. That sucks, as does the bitch cop. Homeless man helped by a stranger and the bitch cop wants to arrest him. Police deserve the shit people think about them.

    Fuck McDonald’s too. I would never (have never) eaten at one of their dumps.

  2. No doubt the manager of this MacDonalds handle the matter poorly and should be fired.

  3. The Police woman handled it poorly. She should have sat down and let the man eat and then they could have discussed him leaving when he was done eating. This is about as poorly handled an incident as I have seen in a long time.

  4. Bulls**t. The “homeless man” is probably a regular pain in the ass. What is his history at this establishment and with local police?

    Of course it is easier to blame others for doing their jobs and taking responsibility.

    • Spoken like a real a$$hole Jim. His “history at this establishment” is meaningless. He wasn’t causing any issues THAT DAY there. He was just eating his food.

      Most of these places just don’t want homeless people in their QSR’s but if this is such BS as you call it then why the hoopla?

  5. Typical GARBAGE cops. No wonder most people think that local police are just ticket-writing cowards. (The courageous heroes are firemen and forewoman.) These cops are so “tough”… throwing a homeless person and a good Samaritan out of a McDonalds. Wow. Good police work. They must be so proud. If they ever actually had to go after criminals, most cops would be like that coward at the Florida high school, who hid from the shooter. Local police just suck. Gutless, spineless bullies.

  6. Seriously, imagine going home and telling your spouse “I had a good day today. We chased a homeless person eating breakfast and the person who paid for it, out of a McDonald’s today.” !!! Wow. How can the cops not be embarrassed to admit that???

  7. Before jumping on the band wagon, it might help to know the whole story. The homeless man had been harassing customers at the McDonalds. If you watch the whole video, you will see the police officer treated the man with courtesy and professionalism.

  8. If you really did watch the ENTIRE video, you will see that the harassment only really came from management. Management undoubtedly called the police to have the homeless man removed. It sucks for what the police office had to do, but to prevent the incident from escalating, she had to remove the homeless man and the patron who bought his food. She handled it as best she could.
    McDonald’s, you be ashamed of letting this happen and not doing anything about it!!!!!!!!!!

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