Not Only Is This the Most Intriguing Headline We’ve Found Today, the Story Itself Expresses a Clever Plan: ‘Is ‘Uber Meets Harvard’ the Future of Education?’

Mar 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Internet entrepreneurs have been trying to ‘fix’ education for decades, but relatively little has changed so far,’ writes Eric Johnson at Recode.net.

The story continues, “The norm is still that one teacher is expected to cater her or his lesson plan to a roomful of students, each of whom may have different needs and levels of understanding.

“For the right price, though, there are better options, GLG President and CEO Alexander Saint-Amand said…,” adding, “His company’s professional clientele pay to be tutored by experts from a wide range of subjects, in the form of one-on-one conversations.”

The story also notes that Saint-Amand said one of the ideas that sets his company apart “is that it is charging students for the conversation with an expert, not an answer.”

Saint-Amand adds, “When it really comes time [for a student] to start figuring what [he or she] want to do, [he or she needs] perspective from people in the space. How would your idea work in that market? What if you did this? What if you did that? It’s the development of perspective, the development of wisdom.”

To get a lot more details about this intriguing idea, please click here to read the entire Recode piece.

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