Roseanne Barr Fires Expletives at Jimmy Kimmel, Defends Trump

Mar 23, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Roseanne Barr got political during an appearance with John Goodman on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote the revival of “Roseanne.”

The actress and comedian laid out some of her feelings about Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election during the appearance, while also firing off a few expletives in the direction of the host.

Here’s the clip, with most of the political material toward the end …


  1. that’s one hell of an endorsement for Trump …
    from the Queen of the Trailer Park world –

  2. Hey genius…that’s just the persona she occupies on the show. As, in the real world (which is obviously different from yours) she is quite funny as she was on Kimmel’s show. So, next time, before spouting off you might want to get your facts straight (which most of your ilk never do) before someone thinks that your sign-in name refers to your IQ.

  3. Hi Ken … you are just as stupid as Rosey Barr and El Trumpo is …
    half the world is in turmoil because your Trump is creating havoc
    with zero leadership and 100% con game and wealthy white trash
    like Ms. Barr stand by the A-Hole who is bankrupting our country
    just like his casino empire … Kiss my Butt …


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