CNN Host Shuts Down CNN Contributor in Clash Over Russia Coverage

Apr 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A CNN discussion about coverage of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation on Fox News and other conservative media outlets became confrontational between CNN host Don Lemon and paid CNN contributor Jason Miller, with Lemon imploring Miller to be honest with the American people before eventually shutting down the heated discussion.

Lemon told Miller it is a privilege, not a right, to appear on CNN. Miller is a former aide to Donald Trump.

Here’s a clip posted by CNN, with Lemon and Miller clashing throughout and the most heated part of the discussion coming near the end of the clip …


  1. I have a hard time finding a trump supporter who deals in facts and when I did, they were attacked by his followers. For a long time I wanted to hear both sides to make educated opinions but time and time again people like Jason deal out misinformation and what feels like propaganda. No more trying.

  2. Good for Lemons. We can’t have anyone telling a different story on CNN than the corporate negative that everything about Trump is bad. Why would CNN even put someone on the air that dares to be truthful about Trump? Thank God we’ve converted people like Christopher Smith into believing anything we say bad about Trump. If people like dear wonderful Christopher actually thought for himself and had half a brain, we’d be in trouble and may not be able to impeach Trump.

    • Did you even watch the clip? You’re pretty angry with a dude you don’t even know stating his own opinion. I side with what Christopher said and I voted Trump. I guess some people enjoy alternative facts and you kind of prove his point with your attack dog response.

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