Entrepreneur Who Helped Shape Comedy Dead at 87

Apr 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

One of the key players in comedy, who had a hand in the careers of Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Jay Leno and countless other major comedians, has died.

The Comedy Store confirmed that Mitzi Shore, who founded The Comedy Store in 1972 and became an influential figure in the comedy scene of the 1970s and 1980s as the owner of the famed Sunset Strip showcase, died today at 87. You can see a tweet from The Comedy Store below announcing Shore’s death.

Shore was also a founder of The Comedy Channel, a forerunner of today’s Comedy Central.

Shore, who was formerly married to comedian Sammy Shore and is the mother of Pauly Shore, is quoted telling the Los Angeles Times in 1994: “I see marvelous new talents all the time. I know it’s hard for them to develop out on the road, where you have to worry about pleasing the guy that’s selling the beer. It’s hard to treat yourself as an artist under those circumstances. In a workshop environment like the Comedy Store, you just worry about pleasing yourself. If you’re naturally funny, you’ll get the laughs you deserve.”

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