Former FBI Director James Comey Tells ‘The View’ What He Regrets Including in His New Book

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James Comey, the FBI director famously fired by President Trump, said on “The View” on Wednesday that there was one passage he now regrets putting in his new book, reports Lisa de Moraes at Deadline.com

It’s the paragraph in which he describes Trump. “‘If I had to do it over again, I would not put that paragraph in, because it gave people a hand hold….to attack the book,’ Comey told the Ladies of ‘The View’ of the one paragraph in which he talked about meeting Trump and observing his orange hue, his carefully coiffed hair, and making note of size when they shook hands.”

Comey’s book is titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.”

Later in the article de Moraes notes that up until his appearance on “The View,” Comey was defending the paragraph. “In one of his first two interviews with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, the ex-FBI director insisted he was not trying to mock Trump, but be an author, and had in mind when he typed it his editor’s advice about drawing viewers into a scene with detail.

“On Stephen Colbert’s show Tuesday night, Comey continued to defend the paragraph, noting he also described in the book how skinny President Obama was, and described John Ashcroft’s skin color when he was in intensive care, insisting, ‘I’m not trying to make fun of Ashrcroft, or Obama or even Donald Trump.’ To Colbert’s audience, Comey introduced the ‘hand hold’ motif, speculating critics who have glommed on to his paragraph about Trump’s physical appearance likely ‘haven’t read the book and are looking to criticize the book and me. So they’re looking for a hand hold, and it’s an easy hand hold.’”

James Comey on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday


  1. Showing even more thoroughly how he lives in his own little reality, Comey only regrets “one thing” in his temper tantrum he calls “a higher loyalty.” There are dark days ahead for the man who had a lot to do with tarnishing the image of today’s FBI as well as exposing the machinations of the modern day “deep state.”

  2. Unfortunately for Comey, he’s probably going to regret ever writing the book. In it he has admitted to committing some felonies. Not a smart move, particularly with members of Congress writing to the DOJ requesting they investigate him. He better make lots of big bucks from his book and personal appearances because I’m afraid he is going to need it for his lawyer’s fees. We know now for sure that 2 former directors of the FBI (including J. Edger Hoover) have committed felonies. As Sir John Dalberg-Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Who knows, if anyone of us were head of the FBI we might feel the same way.

    • I hate Comey, but you’re obviously not a lawyer if you really think all of the crap you wrote. Everyone thinks they are judge, jury and lawyer now. Can we go back to lawyers doing the law again? I’m so tired of reading “opinions” from all you layman hacks.

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