George Clooney to Play ‘Sh*thead’ in Upcoming TV Series

Apr 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

It may not be the most glamorous role George Clooney has played, but with Clooney being both an executive producer and a director on the upcoming “Catch-22” series, it’s not as if he’s doing it against his will.

Clooney had been slated to play Colonel Cathcart in the high-profile limited series, which is in the works for Hulu. But Hulu announced today that Kyle Chandler is joining the project and will play Cathcart.

Clooney will switch roles, playing the supporting role of Scheisskopf. “Scheisskopf,” translated literally from German, becomes “Sh*thead,” which is how the character is referred to at times in the original novel.

Hulu released a number of details about the characters to be played by Chandler and Clooney, along with other details about the series — please click here to read the full press release.


  1. Not sure I follow. George Clooney is giving up acting?

  2. So, Clooney is Sgt Schultz and Cathcart is Colonel Hogan…

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