L.A. Times to Move Out of the City of L.A. by This Summer

Apr 16, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“For the first time in its history, the Los Angeles Times will be housed outside the city of Los Angeles by this summer,” LA Observed reports.

The report says the paper’s new owner, Patrick Soon-Shiong, is moving the newsroom and offices to a new “campus” he’s building on property he owns in El Segundo, the small South Bay city adjacent to LAX and L.A.’s giant Hyperion sewage treatment plant.”

Soon-Shiong “spoke to the assembled staff on Friday and said most of the right things about his aspirations for the paper,” the story reports. “He wants it to be dominant again in the West and be up to date on news technologies. He was a little bit jumbled in his message about how the paper should handle the problem of covering Donald Trump, who Soon-Shiong offered to advise after the election, but he called ‘fake news’ (the made-up kind, not Trump’s bastardization) ‘the cancer of our time’ and pledged a strong Washington bureau to report independently on national affairs.”

But the LA Observed piece predicts that Soon-Shiong’s early moves as a media mogul may be best remembered for the paper’s move to El Segundo.

“The move, he says, will save money that can be used for news coverage and let the Times be wired up for all its video and web needs,” the story reports, noting: “The Times’ home at 1st and Spring streets in the Civic Center was already sold before Chicago’s Tribune Company created Tronc, the odd little duck of a company from which Soon-Shiong acquired the Times and the San Diego Times-Union. … The former Times Mirror Square is scheduled for a major redevelopment — hopefully preserving the 1935 Gordon-Kaufmann-designed Times building as commercial offices — and Soon-Shiong said the rent spiked too high for the Times to remain a renter in its own legacy home.”

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