Report: Shari Redstone Likely to Replace CBS CEO Leslie Moonves if No Deal With Viacom

Apr 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Shari Redstone, whose National Amusements controls CBS and Viacom, is likely to replace CBS CEO Les Moonves if a deal isn’t reached between the two companies as the media tie-up hits an impasse, sources familiar with the situation” told CNBC this morning.

Shari Redstone, 63, is the president of National Amusements and the daughter of Sumner Redstone, 94, the chairman of National Amusements.

The report, on the CNBC website, is written by David Faber, co-anchor of the network’s “Squawk on the Street,” and John Melloy, a senior editor at CNBC.com.

The story reports: “CBS is expected to make another offer soon, the sources said, but that new bid was expected to fall short on price. The amount of synergy expected by CBS is well below that of Viacom.

“The main obstacle to the rejoining of the network and owner of Nickelodeon and MTV is a personnel fight between Redstone and Moonves.”

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  1. What will happen to his wife’s talk show if so??? Whole family outta work?

  2. Prepare for rant…. How do companies morph into such hugh corporations, that when they group together they literally control what we see, hear and consequently think and do? It’s astounding to me. Yesterday a 20 ish CEO sat before a Congressional committee answering questions about his company. If you amassed all the wealth of the questioners, it wouldn’t be worth 1% of what Zuckerberg is worth. He could have literally told them to go S… in a pot and there would have been nothing they could have done about it. How in the world are we led around like this? Blade Runner, Terminator, Skynet…. It’s all coming, and perhaps most are here now and we don’t even realize it because it’s been integrated into our brain so smoothly. Humans are a suspect species at best. We allow anyone to do anything to us, and Total Recall about past history is pretty much zero…. End of rant.

  3. The ignorance shown by the Congressional questioners about data, and how it is accumulated and used, was the best example of why the government should stay out of regulating industries. If government was regulating in 1908 the way it is today, we would all still be riding in horse pulled carriages. The Congressional questioners should have spent at least as much time prepping to question Zuckerberg as they did making sure they got on TV. Why do they have those staffs if it isn’t to educate them about someone they are going to question on National TV? If America is going to continue as the top economic force in the world it is necessary for us to be ahead of the other countries. China, Russia, India and many others are building technology and artificial intelligence in an attempt to catch up with the US. Too much regulation will stall innovation here as it has in the EU.

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