YouTube Star Faces Two Years in Prison for Cruel Prank

Apr 20, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A YouTube celebrity could get up to two years in prison for a prank that went wrong. The prank involved an Oreo cookie, toothpaste and a homeless man, The New York Post reports.

Kanghua Ren, 20, a Chinese man who goes by ReSet on his YouTube channel, pulled the prank in Barcelona, where he lives, SF Gate reported.

“Kanghua filmed himself squeezing toothpaste onto the cookies and putting them into their original packaging to make them appear like the original snack. He then set off to the streets where he handed out the joke cookies to bystanders as a way to entertain his more than one million followers on YouTube,” The Post reports.

He reportedly gave a cookie, along with $25, to a homeless man who was identified as Gheorge L., 52. After the man ate the cookie he began vomiting.

The man told El Pais he had “never been treated so poorly while living on the street.” The Post notes that the man “said he fled his homeland, Romania, to escape the dictatorship and was hospitalized in a mental health clinic.”

The Post reports that “Kanghua faces up to two years in prison and a $37,133 fine if he is convicted of ‘a crime against moral integrity,’ El Pais reported.”

Kanghua, who reportedly once filled Oreo cookies with cat feces and handed them out to children and elderly people, is on bail awaiting sentencing, according to media reports.

“The video has since been deleted, and Kanghua attempted to make amends with Gheorge L. while offering the man $371 to not say anything to authorities,” The Post adds. “Kanghua, with a camera, tried to spend a night with the homeless man, but a witness called authorities to report the incident.”


  1. Toss the asshole in the slammer for at least two years. Too many jerks fooling around with You Tube and other outlets to mess with innocents.

  2. Idiot. He’s going to be getting a lot of paste where he’s going.

  3. Asshole! Lock him up!

  4. Hunger to earn quick bucks by getting a million ir so views n uploading misleading titles, non-sense pranks, morphed images and photoshopped incidents etc. etc. Will lead to a sort of general aversion to Youtube…
    Better YT filters them otherwise it’ll be doomed to its own `natural death’

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